What do you think about BIGrender ?

Someone else at www.cgarchitect.com recommended BigRender to me
and i have in turn recommended This to some Others at the same website

From Time To Time my Boss wants a 36" x 24" at 200 dpi or bigger (approximately 1m x 660cm) so BigRender does The Job just perfectly.

Thanks again,

I'm Wiwid from Indonesia. I work as an Architectural Graphic Specialist. I really fascinated by your freeware BIGRENDER script as I tried it yesterday on Viz 4. It really help much for people who urge huge sizing rendering output.

Most of all, really appreciated your work.


Wiwid Wilopo

Hola Tomás, he visto en tu MaxScript en "Três D1 ". Y me interesa bastante ya que soy infografista y en ocasiones necesito sacar renders de viviendas para imprimir en vallas publicitarias. Muy bueno tu script


Thanks a lot. You have made my weekend.