What can BIGrender do for ME ?

Have you ever tryed to render a huge image (more than 3000x3000) ???

The result is unpredictible - most of time the computer crashes because of the amount of memory needed to store the resulting image.

Whith this plugin you can render 'infinite-sized' pictures - because you can divide the render into small pieces - and then join it with any graphics app (i.e. Photoshop).



An intuitive GUI will guide you over the options of this piece of software.


BIGrender is a 3dsMAX plugin for rendering huge pictures (more than 6000x6000 pixels).

Overcomes 3DS rendering memory limitation with an EASY graphic user interface.

Compatible and transparent integration with 3dsMAX v.3 to v.2010 and also 3dsVIZ.

Download demo and try it for FREE


  • Overcomes 3dsMAX or VIZ memory limit for HUGE renders.
  • Simple integration into 3dsMAX or VIZ interface.
  • Allows full image, unique piece or selected regions rendering.
  • Works with most popular render solutions (Mental Ray, VRay, BRAZIL, Scanline).
  • Outputs JPEG, TGA (with alpha) and BMP images.
  • Easy step by step interface.



  • 3dsMAX (from 3.5 to 2011 both Creative and Full) or 3dsViz.
  • 512 MB of RAM (less than necessary for ordinary render).
  • 256KB of Hard Disk Space (for the plugin).